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Property solutions and treatments

Caithness Building Preservation is qualified in the identification and treatment of all kinds of property problems and we can help by discussing maintenance and restoration solutions with you.

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Timber repairs

Think you have a problem with timbers within your property? Using tailormade timber repair solutions, we specialise in replacing rotten timbers with low disturbance timber repairs.


Woodworm is caused by four types of woodworm beetles resident in the UK. It is a common myth that woodworm only affects old properties; in fact it can cause damage to newly constructed buildings as well as old.

Rising Damp

Tell tale signs of rising damp include a "tide-mark" on the wall, peeling wallpaper and possibly white efflorescent salts.

Think you have a problem? We can provide comprehensive reports, identifying causes of attack and recommend appropriate repairs.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a living and growing fungus, that feeds off and destroys timber in order to live. There are four main stages in the dry rot lifecycle. It is therefore important to choose a supplier familiar with the dry rot lifecycle, who is qualified to advise the appropriate dry rot treatment.

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